An amazing interview with Shimmy Disc producer Kramer sent me stumbling down memory lane … so the new episode of my email newsleeter is mostly about weird things that happened when I saw the Butthole Surfers twice in 1988.

πŸ”— β†’ Here’s the latest Ringo Dreams Of Lawn Care

Good morning, friends.

Another exquisite cloud display over the lake this a.m.

πŸ”—β†’ New on the Blog: My new clicky keyboard, John Cage loved mushrooms, Craigstarter, listen to four smart people talk about listening, and Gemini Revolution’s brand new space jams.

Good morning, friends.

Dawn in full bloom on the lake this a.m.

πŸ”—β†’ New on the Blog: Thinking out loud about how technological limitations (and stretching those boundaries through experimentation) influence cultural movements.

An iPhone box full of fungus caterpillar in Kham Tibet sold wholesale, is worth more than a fully specced iPhone. It’s worth 10x at retail in 1st/2nd Tier China. It is a better aphrodisiac too.

πŸ”—β†’ 61 Glimpses of the Future

πŸ”—β†’ New on the blog: The Go-Go’s documentary, how to keep bands from fighting about money, a vintage Kraftwerk video, a chat with a friend about a virus, and Richard Norris announces a new album.

πŸ”—β†’ Ryuichi Sakamoto Crafts the Perfect Playlist

πŸ”—β†’ Brian Eno’s 1995 diary and essays book published in 25th anniversary edition

I currently have the original edition within arm’s reach. I love picking it up and finding out what Eno was up to ‘on this date.’ His creative drive and curiosity never cease to inspire.

Good morning, friends.

An epic sky scene over the lake this a.m.

I wrote about African Rhythms 1970-1982, a wonderful reissue of collected classic tracks by the band Oneness of Juju. [LINK] 🎡

Uplifting and combative, audacious and resilient, African Rhythms 1970-1982 is the music of a turbulent past and suitable for our stormy present.

Today’s #Worktones β†’ Jon Hassell - Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two) 🎡

Just released. Somehow this has exceeded expectations … mysterious and imaginative textures abound. Stupendous.

Good morning, friends.

A big sky sunrise out on the lake this a.m.

You must seat yourself in a bony armchair, preferably of Spanish style, with your head tilted back and resting on the stretched leather back …

πŸ”—β†’ How to Dream Like Salvador Dali

Good morning, friends.

Some brilliant sky hues on the lake this a.m.

Today’s #Worktones β†’ Museum of No Art 🎡

Clarinet, voice, synthesizer, effects. This solo work from German artist/musician Mona Steinwidder is intimate, forward-looking, and gently captures the mood of these lockdown times.

Watched First Cow the last evening via VOD … it’s worth the critical hype, a tender film that on the outside is about friendship, but has a much darker subtext. This fantastic article in The Playlist goes into detail, but it’s a big spoiler party so don’t read before watching. πŸŽ₯

Once or twice a week, a man or woman will read out some words in Russian, such as β€œdinghy” or β€œfarming specialist”. And that’s it. Anyone can listen in, simply by tuning a radio to the frequency 4625 kHz.

πŸ”—β†’ The Ghostly Radio Station That No One Claims to Run

For a glimpse at my ‘past life,’ here’s a Q-Burns Abstract Message DJ mix recorded live back in 1998 on the pioneering livestreaming platform Beta Lounge. I didn’t know a recording of this existed + it was just brought to my attention yesterday. Good nostalgic fun. Listen here. 🎡

Good morning, friends.

A vibrant glow presently on the horizon this a.m.

πŸ”—β†’ I Captured Spaceships In The London Tube By Turning My Phone Upside Down

β€œTime must pass until the average level of humankind’s development is sufficient for nonearthly dwellers to visit us.” The aliens, like communism, linger in the air, waiting for us to make the world ready for them.

πŸ”—β†’ The Secret History of Marxist Alien Hunters

Mary Lattimore’s just announced forthcoming album is produced by and in collaboration with Neil Halstead of Slowdive. It’s called Silver Ladders and “Sometimes He’s In My Dreams,” the one song offered in advance, is as gorgeous as it gets. Listen. 🎡

Today’s #Worktones β†’ Sharhabil Ahmed - Habibi Funk 013: The King Of Sudanese Jazz 🎡

This album + a cup of coffee and my energy levels this morning are pegging the top of the meter. Fantastic!

Good morning, friends.

I welcome our lake’s reassuring serenity this a.m.