Perhaps this is Hollywood’s greatest achievement: It gets us excited about our dystopian future. The world might be ending, but at least it’s an ending that’s entertaining to watch.

🔗 → Is this real life?

Good morning, friends.

The sky is basically showing off this a.m.

I love Elijah Knutsen’s album Blue Sun Daydream which respectfully builds on the Japanese sound tradition of Kankyō Ongaku.

I interviewed him for 8Sided blog and he gave generous insight into the album and this expressive ambient micro-genre. Check it out here. 🎵

Good morning, friends.

The lake is calm and colorful this a.m. — sets much-needed relaxing tone to start the day.

Good morning, friends.

I haven’t given you a lake sunrise in a while so here’s a nice one to make up for lost time.

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This week’s topics: burnout, First Cow, old mixtapes, Silver Apples, the sound of Kankyō Ongaku.

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The excellent 1988 Tom Waits concert film Big Time has quietly appeared on Prime Video (US) … am I wrong in thinking this is its first time ever available to stream on a digital platform?

It’s a magical film with magical songs, Tom Waits at the peak of his formidable powers.

Record stores are places of generous expertise.

🔗→ Some blog thoughts about the Other Music documentary, Record Store Day, and John’s DJ sets for extraterrestrials.

Silver Apples keep popping in and out of consciousness. They were so weird, so ahead of their time, it’s easy to doubt they ever existed.

🔗🎵→ On the blog: Remembering Simeon Coxe + Silver Apples

The new episode of my email newsletter — Ringo Dreams of Lawn Care — has hit the streets.

This week’s topics: record stores, record store documentaries, sharing expertise, contacting aliens, etc.

It’s in your email inbox now or you can read online HERE. 🚀

Those walking are almost certain to have clearer minds than those sitting at home or standing around with guns. Long walks may not solve all problems, but over time they have unquestionably activated insights of scientific reasoning, creativity, and philosophy.

🔗→ Summer Walks

Good morning, friends.

Another impressive dawn out here on the lake this a.m.

Good morning, friends.

A warm glow over the lake this a.m.

My 8D Industries label released an album last week from Gemini Revolution. The project is spearheaded by a brotherly duo based in Kansas City, recording brilliant Krautrock-inspired ambient music with a few textural surprises in the mix. I’d love for you to have a listen. 🎵

The latest episode of my email newsletter is a love letter to the post office, inspired by the realization that the shifting focuses of my life are marked by a timeline of PO Box addresses. And there are a few music recommendations in there, too.

🔗 → Ringo 024: A Love Letter

Good morning, friends.

An impressive mirror-display on the lake this a.m.

🔗→ Brian Eno: “… one of the reasons one makes music or any kind of art is to create the world that you’d like to be in or the world that you would like to try. You would like to find out what that world is like.”

“The idea of Black Fire was that of a business undertaking,” Mr. Branch said. “There were some business considerations as well as some cultural considerations.”

🎵🔗→ The Small, Black-Owned Record Label That Made a Big Impact in 1970s D.C.

🔗→ 2020: An Isolation Odyssey

This is fantastic. Just what I needed today.

A little late posting this but didn’t want you to miss out on the psychedelic sunrise over the lake this morning.

🔗→ Snow Ghosts: Haunting Images of Derelict Soviet Infrastructure

“I don’t want to be remembered just because we were black,” says Kenny Gordon. “I want to be remembered for being a part of the first tier of punk in the 70s.”

🎵🔗→ The forgotten story of Pure Hell, America’s first black punk band

Things I Learned from David Carr: A List →

Here are some delicious words of wisdom that I grabbed from this tweet:

• Listen when you enter a room.
• Don’t buy into your myth.
• Don’t be the first one to talk, but if you do talk first, say something smart.
• Speak and then stop; don’t stutter or mumble; be strong in what you have to say.
• Be defiant.
• You have to work the phones. Call people. Don’t rely on emails.
• Ask questions but ask the right questions.
• Ask people what mistakes they’ve made so you can get their shortcuts.
• Know when enough is enough.
• Make eye contact with as many people as possible.
• Don’t be in shitty relationships because you are tired of being alone.
• Be grateful for the things you have in this life. You are lucky.
• Practice patience even though it’s one of the hardest things to master.
• Failure is a part of the process, maybe the most important part.
• Alcohol is not a necessary component of life.
• Street hotdogs are not your friend.
• Remind yourself that nobody said this would be easy.
• If more negative things come out of your mouth than positive, then Houston, we have a problem.
• We contain multitudes.
• Always love (See band: Nada Surf).
• Have a dance move and don’t be afraid to rock it.
• Don’t go home just because you are tired.
• Don’t take credit for work that is not yours. If your boss does this, take note.
• Be generous with praise and be specific in that praise: “That line was killer.”
• Cats are terrible; they poop in your house.
• Say what you mean and mean what you say.
• Do the next right thing.
• Our dogs are us. Only cuter.
• And finally: You are loved and belong to me, the world, and yourself.

Good morning, friends.

A lovely combination of colors and cloud drama on the lake this a.m.

I ran across this photo today in my journal, taken exactly two years ago off the Amalfi Coast, and I couldn’t resist posting it for the windows prompt of the photoblogging challenge.