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Creating sends a signal that we believe in the future. And our creations point to the world we want to live in.

πŸ”— β†’ Creating Sends a Signal

These recordings demonstrate how powerful the idea of punk was as liberation, not in the sense of political emancipation but as a license to start from scratch.

πŸ”— β†’ Pylon: Remaking Rock as They Saw Fit

Nick rechristening social media as “that loony engine of outrage” isn’t even the best thing about his latest Red Hand Files missive.

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Impressive sky textures this a.m.

I interviewed Scottish ambient guitarist Ralph Kinsella about his new album Lessening, the philosophy of his music, and the influence of living near where The Wicker Man was filmed.

πŸ”— β†’ Ralph Kinsella and the Poetics of Bedroom Listening

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An enormous sky up there this a.m.

Since retroactively invented genres are all the rage these days – nobody at the time talked about minimal synth, or freakbeat, or junkshop glam – it’s tempting to float a comprehensive coinage. Synthedelia, anybody?

πŸ”— β†’ Synthedelia: Psychedelic Electronic Music in the 1960s

… the tug-of-war between the off-putting and the inviting is a sweet spot

My latest #Worktones exposé features the new music releases from Autechre, Oliver Coates, and a lovely debut from a musician named Giadar. 🎡

πŸ”— β†’ #Worktones: Autechre, Oliver Coates, Giadar

That Jethro Tull cover art link I posted the other day inspired today’s blog post, and I threw a story about flat-fee remixes and wisdom from S. Godin and D. Sivers in there, too.

πŸ”— β†’ A Body of Work for Hire

Given the haggard figure he created, we mused that he might eventually embody his own artistic creation β€” a destitute, howling figure draped in rags and huddled in a darkened street corner.

πŸ”— β†’ My dad painted the cover for Jethro Tull’s Aqualung and it’s haunted him ever since

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A warm + welcoming glow over the lake this a.m.

Today’s 8sided.blog round-up: Spotify pulls the rug out from under SongShift, the niche monopoly of ice cream truck music boxes, and Yoshiaki Ochi’s organic ambient music.

The latest episode of my email newsletter, Ringo Dreams of Lawn Care, has launched into space.

Topics: cassette culture, dingdongs, dramatic spiders, Night Flight.

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The clouds make a compelling case over the lake this a.m.

πŸ”— β†’ The Story of the SynthAxe, the Astonishing 1980s Guitar Synthesizer: Only 100 Were Ever Made

(I am so angry right now that I don’t have one of these.)

Today we released LESSENING, a lovely ambient guitar album from Scottish musician Ralph Kinsella. 🎡 β†’

I’m excited to announce Lessening, the debut album from Scottish guitarist + ambient producer Ralph Kinsella. These ten tracks are warm and gorgeous, distinctively musical among the parade of beatless, textural music. Since I received Ralph’s initial album demo a few months ago I haven’t stopped listening. An antidote to lockdown β€” this is travel in a small room.

The last paragraph of the press release does a great job of describing Ralph’s music:

Kinsella’s guitar is the even thread, sometimes bare and then often processed, awash in texture and synthetic glares. Tracks like “In the In-Between Light” use the guitar to express enormity β€” of space and emotion β€” before the song is gently brought close by calming lines and reassuring synth patches. There’s also a soft tension in songs like “Lung Noises,” sharing the masterful slow build of the shoegaze genre’s finest practitioners. Lessening’s closer, “Born on the Cusp,” offers a resolution β€” chiming guitars and reverberant tones signaling both loss and promise. This is the sound of an uncertain present feeling its way to that better world.

I hope you’ll check it out. Lessening is available now exclusively on Bandcamp and, like all 8D Industries releases, is set to ‘name your price.’ β†’ ralphkinsella.bandcamp.com/album/lessening-2

Let me know what you think! Have a great weekend. πŸš€

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Lovely water hues & a brilliant horizon glow this a.m.

I spoke to Orlando DJ provocateur Kurt Rambus about his high concept EP β€” The Misadventures of Hayek Von Pinochet and his Men Of Action β€” and how he defies the constraints of genre.

πŸ”—πŸŽ΅ β†’ Kurt Rambus Tackles the Delusion of Genre

πŸ”— β†’ Blog Notes: arguing on the internet, John Cale sings again, and Khotin joins the Boards of Edmonton.

In the exceedingly small chance that you end up in a fruitful back and forth with a dingdong, it’s likely you’ll look back on that tΓͺte-Γ -tΓͺte and wish you had been doing literally anything else with your time.

πŸ”— β†’ Unfortunately, You Might be a Dingdong

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Captivating cloud action on the lake this a.m.

And minutes later: if you look closely, some SpaceX rocket trail …

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Some lovely colors broadcasting over the lake this a.m.

A documentary revisiting the seminal works The Plateaux of Mirror (1980) and The Pearl (1984), by artists Harold Budd and Brian Eno. Rare interviews and anecdotes from the artists accompany a fan-crafted selection of favorite tracks, along with dreamy footage.

πŸ”— β†’ ECHO